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Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Part 1

We recently took a trip to Croatia and Bosnia (also included a day trip into Montenegro). While we had been to Croatia before – a driving trip down the coast – Bosnia was new to us. Croatia and Montenegro Croatia... Continue Reading →


Oslo Part 3: Prices and Musk

The best things come in threes, apparently. Rounding out this third and final installment of the (not really) chronicling of our trip to Oslo I’ll talk about two things. Prices and electric cars. How much? Norway has become synonymous with... Continue Reading →

Oslo Part 2: The Great Outdoors

Oslo Part 2: The Great Outdoors Many of us (my good-self included) proclaim a love for the outdoors. We like views of things and occasional semi-strenuous climbs (which better end in a view of something). We like trees and we... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Oslo (in parts)

We spent the weekend in Oslo. I’m not going to do a chronological breakdown of the trip but rather discuss some things that I found interesting. It was a first trip to Scandinavia for me and my impressions of the... Continue Reading →

Running in Warsaw

During my time here I have continued my flirtation with running. Some things have remained constant – I am still slow – while other things have been much changed. I have found it to be an interesting lens to view... Continue Reading →

13 Unbelieveable Life Hacks!

You'll be fucking amazed.

On Bike Locks, Bins, and Fish Stocks

Look at me, I went on holiday to Japan.

The Purpose of This Blog

Why this blog exists.

More Shite Will Go Here Later

Uninteresting. How about that lens though?

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